Four saxophones for Mario Marzi

On November 22 at the gorgeous Sala Tartini of the Trieste Conservatory, the Trieste Prima 2017 contemporary music festival presented the saxophonist Mario Marzi. The soloist was accompained by the Scuola di Musica e Nuove Tecnologie of the Conservatory; as a matter of fact, some pieces were for saxophone and live electronics. Among the composers Marzi played there was Giampaolo Coral and his Munch as well.

"Thematic breathing"

On November 10 the Trieste Prima 2017 contemporary music festival presented the third concert of its autumn season. The vocalist Angèle Chemin and the milanese MDI Ensemble performed the historic "thematic breathing" of temA, the famous piece written by Helmut Lachenmann, demonstrating how a perfect musical structure can blend the "traditional" sound with the "physical" one (i. e. the background sound that appears together with the "intentional" one).

An amazing Liederabend

On November 6 the Trieste Prima contemporary music festival presented the second concert of its season. The soprano Ku Hsiao Pei and the pianist Muriel Grifò performed - successfully - an interesting Italian contemporary vocal music program, including the "avantgarde classics" Petrassi and Dallapiccola. The moving Coral's Trakl Lieder were included as well. The concert was presented by the famous Italian musicologist Paolo Petazzi; he underlined the Middle-European taste of Coral's music. The two musicians performed Berio's Sequenza III and Encores too.

The Kurtág's music concluded the spring prologue to the Trieste Prima 2017 festival

On May 20 at the Museo Revoltella Auditorium three young pianists concluded the Aspettando Trieste Prima spring contemporary music festival. Alessia Cecchetti, Riccardo Bisatti and Erik Bertsch, selected by the milanese Rondò concert saison, played Kurtág's Játékok, a series of brief piano pieces. The important Hungarian composer has begun it in 1960 and is still finishing his work. The three artists evoked these Kurtag's memories with great skill. Játékok includes picturesque music images, e. g.

The Cantus Ensemble played at the first "Aspettando Trieste Prima 2017" concert

On May 14 at the Chiesa Luterana of Trieste the Zagreb Cantus Ensemble, conducted by Berislav Sipus, played for "Aspettando Trieste Prima". Our audience listened to Jelaska's "music colours" (Butterflies), to the kaleidoscopic Kelemen's style (Die sieben Plagen for voice, soloist Martina Gojceta Silic), to the Sipus' music theatre (Ten hotti) and to the famous Chamber Symphony by Boris Papandopulo.