The Cantus Ensemble played at the first "Aspettando Trieste Prima 2017" concert

On May 14 at the Chiesa Luterana of Trieste the Zagreb Cantus Ensemble, conducted by Berislav Sipus, played for "Aspettando Trieste Prima". Our audience listened to Jelaska's "music colours" (Butterflies), to the kaleidoscopic Kelemen's style (Die sieben Plagen for voice, soloist Martina Gojceta Silic), to the Sipus' music theatre (Ten hotti) and to the famous Chamber Symphony by Boris Papandopulo. There was a first performance of a piece written by Giampaolo Coral, the founder of the festival: the Cantus Ensemble performed Nergal and Ereshkigal changing the original instrumentation for flute and string orchestra to flute and string quintet. Standing ovation. The next concert is at the Museo Revoltella Auditorium on May 20 at 6 pm: a piano evening with Kurtág's music. (Photo: Berislav Sipus before the concert)

Berisalv Sipus before the concert