On November 20 the Istanbul contemporary music

The fourth Trieste Prima 2015 concert took place at the Revoltella Museum on November 20. The Ensemble Hezarfen played only Turkish contemporary music; some composers, such as Manav and Özatalay, presented an extremely subtle poetics, where Oriental and Occidental aspects were merged in a magic amalgam. Other artists, such as Inge and Nurcan, seem to prefer the superimposition of different musical materials. The audience applauded the musicians warmly.

On November 30 a Coral music evening

The fifth Trieste Prima 2015 concert taked place at the Revoltella Museum Auditorium on November 30 at 18.00. The young soloists Ghenadie Rotari (concert accordion), Ozren Grozdanic (concert accordion) and Mosé Andrich (piano) played the Coral's Klavieralbums. The two accordionistis presented six piano pieces, that were transcribed for accordion by Corrado Rojac at a Coral's suggestion. The six piano pieces choosen by Mosè Andrich were inspired by pictures of the Museo Revoltella; among the performances these were presented by Prof. Maurizio Lorber. Lenghty applause.

On December 4 a German contemporary music evening

Helmut Lachenmann is one of the most important contemporary composers. On December 4 the Trieste Prima 2015 sixth concert is dedicated to him. The Interface Ensemble plays his solo music (Dal niente - Interieur III for clarinet and Ein Kinderspiel for piano) but his chamber music as well (the Trio fluido for clarinet, viola and percussion). There were played Nono's famous ...sofferte onde serene... (Nono was a model for the young Lachenmann) and Billone's Mani.Mono for spring drum too (Billone studied with Lachenmann).

The Trieste Prima 2015 festival concluded by Rojko and Juhart

On December 11 at the Revoltella Museum Auditorium the clarinettist (and composer) Uros Rojko and the accordionist Luka Juhart concluded the Trieste Prima 2015 contemporary music festival. They played mostly Rojko's music, but music by other composers as well, among them a piece by Vinko Globokar, Dialog über Luft. "I look for an existential performance", said Rojko after the concert. It was the perfect definition of the event we listened to.

The Chromas Association of Contemporary Music at the Stables of Miramare Castle

In the setting of the project Pro Mexico, at 6 p.m. on 29th August 2014, at Miramare Castle’s stable-block the presentation took place of the exhibition of paintings entitled “Mexico around 2000”. The president of the “Gruppo78”, Maria Campitelli, the promoter of the initiative, led a large audience through the visual eloquence of Mexican figurative art, dwelling in great detail on the numerous works.

The Trieste Prima 2014 festival at the heart of its season

The opening concert, held at the Sala Victor De Sabata's in the Teatro Giuseppe Verdi in Trieste on 31st October kicked off the Trieste Prima 2014 season in the presence of a large audience. Organized by Chromas in collaboration with Chamber Music, it presented the Josef Suk Piano Quartet, an emerging ensemble in the panorama of chamber music, in a programme that has been able to marry the repertoire of the great tradition to that of contemporary music.