The Kurtág's music concluded the spring prologue to the Trieste Prima 2017 festival

On May 20 at the Museo Revoltella Auditorium three young pianists concluded the Aspettando Trieste Prima spring contemporary music festival. Alessia Cecchetti, Riccardo Bisatti and Erik Bertsch, selected by the milanese Rondò concert saison, played Kurtág's Játékok, a series of brief piano pieces. The important Hungarian composer has begun it in 1960 and is still finishing his work. The three artists evoked these Kurtag's memories with great skill. Játékok includes picturesque music images, e. g. echoes of Rumanian folk tunes or portraits of various composers, where Kurtág invents his characteristic, subtle sound effects world. Lenghty applause. The next appointment is going to be on October 27 at 6pm at the Museo Revoltella Auditorium. The first Trieste Prima 2017 autumn festival concert is approaching.

Riccardo Bisatti testing the Museo Revoltella Auditorium grand piano