The contemporary music festival Trieste Prima 2016 has started

On October 31 at the Sala del Ridotto of the Teatro "G. Verdi" in Trieste the 2016 Trieste Prima festival started with a concert of the Duo Guliei - Lavrynenko. The cellist Olena Guliei and the pianist Volodymyr Lavrynenko, from Kiev, played music written by Mobilio, Coral, Schnittke and Prokof'ev. Lenghty applause.

On November 4 at the Museo Revoltella Auditorium at 18.00 there was the second concert of the festival. The String Quartet Paul Klee played pieces written by Cavallari, Coral, Ambrosini, Rojac and Romitelli. The last piece, Natura morta con fiamme by Fausto Romitelli, is written for string quartet and electronics. The Paul Klee was supported by the Scuola di Musica e Nuove Tecnologie of the Trieste "G. Tartini" Conservatory. Standing ovation.

Paul Klee Quartet