The Aspettando Trieste Prima 2016 spring festival ended with a Italian piano music evening

On May 27 four young Italian piano talents ended the spring part of the Trieste Prima 2016 music festival with a contemporary piano music evening. Biancamaria Targa, Sara Costa, Elena Costa and Daniele Fasani played pieces by Gentile, Gervasoni, Fedele, Solbiati, Di Bari, Gorli and Sciarrino. Lyrical moments (Preludio by Ada Gentile) were followed by virtuoso pages (Près by Gervasoni, Tierra del fuego by Fedele). Solbiati's Interludi and Gorli's Il mulino di Amleto evocated images from past music, whereas Sciarrino's Perso in una città d'acque depicted a moving impression of a silent Venezia atmosphere. Great success.

Sara Costa during rehearsals